Key Differentiators of Hesel

  • Self-performance

          Hesel truly believes in the principle of self-performance. In most of our strategic contracts, we deploy personnel who are the direct employees of Hesel. This ensures better control, efficient utilizations, scalability, integrity and 100% statutory compliance on employee benefits as prescribed by the labour laws. We have effective Delivery Model which ensures Cost Efficiency for Customers, proficient workforce and client centric operations. We have the ability to ramp-up resources and operations quickly and implements proven & tested processes and systems. We conduct business honestly & ethically and aim at achieving complete customer satisfaction and exceed our customer's expectations by supplying them the finest resources.

  • Process management & Technology

          Hesel has a very comprehensive process document FSIP (Facility Specific Implementation Plan) which benchmarks SLA, KPI, SOP, checklists, formats, audit forms etc. FSIP is shared with our clients such that our customers can understand our delivery standards & share real time feedback with us to help us improve service standards. FSIP guarantees linear service delivery standards across locations and reduces re-work error and enhances delivery efficiency. Regular audits on FSIP compliance ensure zero tolerance and negligible deviation in service delivery standards.

  • Training

          We have an in-house Training Centre which imparts regular operational and motivational training programs. Training needs are assessed through a training audit process which is continuous in nature. Hesel internally publishes detailed training calendar so that all our branches & employees are appraised on the frequency & training topics. We have also institutionalized a training assessment & appraisal process which evaluates effectiveness of our training and its impact on skills and knowledge enhancement for our employees.