Gracetec About us

Fitting in
We are at the dawn of a new age, where technology and ideas are on a constant evolution, leading to new inventions every day. As a result, our options for small and big decisions increase every moment, making it harder to pick what works closely to suit our needs. Gracetec understands this duality and brings years of expertise to the table by innovating Engineering Services and Products that custom-fit your requirement on a large or small scale.
The Promise
We have come to believe that delivering promising solutions to clients means an end-to-end trail of efficiency, from ensuring ethical work systems to applying meticulous scrutiny procedures for the end product. Gracetec has stringently followed this thought process over time to achieve high levels of unparalleled efficiency, replicating into products that deliver the engineering edge that you seek for your business.
What we are made of
Gracetec comprises of six companies Henry & Farad Pvt Ltd, Hesel Engineering Pvt Ltd, Hesel Controls, Vinker Techno Marketing Company ,Vinker Hydro Systems and Siebrains Technologies. Here, we offer engineering solutions from concept to reality, through design to execution, operations to maintenance and sales to services by holistically teaming necessary components to help you make the best. Gracetec is equipped with the workforce, the technology and the passion to see your vision and requirements through to materialisation with fivefold synergy. Our name is a combination of the word 'Grace' incorporated with TEC which stands for Trading, Engineering and Contracting. Our methods and means, within and outside, are ethical and time proven that work to the advantage of everyone involved, from the client to our employees. This transparency coupled with professionalism, empowers your business to the potential that you dream of and makes Gracetec a choice that will clearly differentiate you from the crowd.